Transferrable Skills

I’ve spent these first three weeks at my new job mainly trying to teach myself the reporting app we use. The person who would normally be my guru is still on maternity leave. Although I’ve picked up the basics, the finer points continue to elude me. I’m so close to understanding how the damn program works, but little things keep popping up and I have to wonder WHY can’t I choose CensusSummary as my Source table OMG?!


There’s a project in the early stages that I’m kind of being primed to work on. A division of the company wants to have a web-based dashboard, where they can see all their normally stodgy and numberiffic reports in an easy-to-read visual format. Awesome. Yesterday, we received a document from one of the end-users, giving us a detailed representation of what said end-users would like to see. I read the document, nodded to myself, and started sketching possibilities on a legal pad (without being asked — it’s just how I do. I’m the thumbnail queen).

Not long after, I get a Microsoft Visio document via e-mail from my boss. It’s his idea of how the dashboard could be laid out. He shows up in my cube shortly after the e-mail does, and I redirect him to my cute little tabbed-browsing concept piece. He says he likes mine better, and has me work up a mockup of my version of the dashboard.

That was most of my day today. And everyone seems to like the result so far.

Yay for my design skillz! As I told my boss, “You went and got me in my element!”

But wait. There’s more.

Around 3pm today, I was approached yet again by my supervisor. It appears that there’s a report that’s been being delayed in our usual development process, and the internal customer needs the report shortly after month-end. Someone had suggested importing the data into Access and using its reporting tools. Just so happens that my boss just hired someone fresh from doing major Access reporting on a regular basis…

Got a sample report, got someone to help me connect to the database via ODBC, and got started. By quitting time, I had most of a report worked out. I’ll have to work out a few details tomorrow. The boss caught me as I was getting my coat on, and I showed him what I had. He seemed to be genuinely impressed that I’d made that much progress already, and he made comment that I’m kind of saving the day. I don’t know about that…

At any rate, I’m finally feeling like a contributor to the team, even if everyone might be going a little out of their way to let the new girl know she’s doing a great job. I’ll take it.

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