End of an Era

I finally did it.

After turning the thought over in my head for months now, I finally submitted my resignation as LSM webmaster.

It’s nothing against them. It’s just a reorganization of priorities for me. I can only handle so many projects at a time, and can only keep focused on so much. I’m sure that there is someone actively participating in the corps who has HTML skills and can do just as good a job as I did. Or better, probably.

I just haven’t been devoting the amount of time to the website that the corps deserves, and it’s been like that for quite a while now. LSM deserves more than I’m currently giving them. And I deserve to be cut free of the guilt I’ve been giving myself over that very issue.

The announcement feels like a weight lifted from my mind.

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  1. I suppose you *would* know about rearranging priorities and freeing oneself from stuff like drum corps, eh? 🙂

    Yeah, it feels good.