Responsible Decisions

Having received severance and retention pay from my former employer, then having landed a job relatively soon after, I recently found myself with several thousand dollars burning a hole in my ING Direct savings account.

So many possibilities flooded my imagination. Another vacation to Japan? Or a trip to Ireland? Or maybe someplace else?

Alas, the grown-up part of me seized hold and reminded me that I have several thousand dollars in credit card debt that should really be paid down.

That’s not saying that this Christmas won’t be more kick-ass than usual, of course. There will also be a dishwasher in our future. And perhaps the professional installation of some ceiling fans, in view of the astronomical cost of installing central air in a house with no ductwork.

Generally, though, responsible finances reign. Oh, well.

4 thoughts on Responsible Decisions

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  1. …lucky. 🙁

    Maybe this is the time for me to collect on all that gas money you owe me for carting your sorry butt to drum corps shows!

    ‘Course, being 10+ years ago mostly, I’ll have to adjust for inflation and add LOTS of interest! 😉

  2. ^ Professional fan installer. Light fixture for front walk. The idea on central air is to look for someone who does it professionally, but also on the side. The wise thing to do is to pay the credit cards. It’s that whole wants vs. needs thing. It sucks being a responsible adult.

  3. @Paul – I would have thought that my charming company would have been payment enough! 😉

    @Kris – Good point about the light fixture. Although that’s been more of a ‘getting around to it’ issue than a money issue. We totally need a working porch light after friggin’ four years in this house with it broken.