Christmas in Parma, OH – December 22, 1999

I’m not going to make a habit of posting my home videos to my blog, but I did want to post this one. This is the first part of a belated Christmas present for my family, wherein I’m taking the footage we filmed during Christmas 1999 and putting it together into a properly-edited DVD. I managed to take eleven minutes of gruelingly boring footage of me and Philip decorating the Christmas tree and edit it down into three fairly inoffensive minutes with a soundtrack. Granted, my video editing skillz aren’t what they used to be, plus I have to get used to using Adobe Premiere, but I still had fun and turned out a decent home video.

Well, the first part of one, anyway.

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  1. great job of editing. I remember that tree, we were sweeping up pine needles for YEARS. LOL
    Philip is six foot four and a half now. probobley taller than that tree was.
    I had forgotten about that vidio. You have more of my memories than I do.LOL