Christmas Eve

It’s a very quiet day at the office; even more quiet than usual. It’s Christmas Eve, and I think that half of the building (or more) took a personal holiday today. The parking garage seemed even more deserted today than on the day after Thanksgiving.

The person who can answer all the questions I have about the business intelligence application I’ve been trying to learn is finally back from maternity leave — a few days early, actually — so I at least won’t be stuck all day with no one to answer my questions and nothing else to do. She’s pretty busy, though, so it’s not like she’s at my disposal constantly, like the trainers in Loan Corrections were. I guess I’ll only be stuck for part of the day with nothing else to do, then…

I’ll get to leave an hour early at 3:30pm today, since it’s the day before a holiday, which is a nice perk. Go home, open presents, have some dinner, make the traditional Christmas sausage cake (yes, it’s really made of sausage, and it’s really a cake — I think we’ve been over this before), and enjoy a quiet Christmas Eve with my husband (who has today off of work).

Tomorrow, we’ll be going to Cleveland for Christmas Day. We’ll be bringing sausage cake and the zucchini-chocolate cake I made last night, along with presents for everyone. We won’t be bringing the new video camera, though; we decided that we really don’t need to remember Christmas as is it now. Grammie’s Alzheimer’s is getting pretty pronounced these days, and Poppa’s having a hard time getting around. Aunt Elaine can’t make it to holidays at all, due to her own medical issues. Better to remember the earlier years of Elaine’s Christmas cookies and Poppa being all sprightly and Grammie fussing in the kitchen… and Pete and his family always being late. 🙂

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  1. I have plenty of Christmas memories I’d like to have stay just that way…memories. They’re okay now, but the ones from when you are a kid are just priceless. Christmas Eve at my Dad’s parents–Granny and Pap Pap then Christmas Day at my Mom’s parents–Grandma and Grandpa. If we got lucky it would snow on Christmas Eve. It didn’t snow every Christmas Eve, but that’s what I’d like to remember. 🙂 Merry Christmas everyone.