I was running late this morning, as usual. Grabbed my purse and went out to the car through the garage, also as usual. (We only have a one-car garage, and two cars, so the one that’s most often used gets parked in the driveway.)

I hit the button for the garage door, and it took its sweet time to open. No big surprise there. I strode through the garage, past the Contour, and ducked under the opening door.

And clocked myself on the garage door.

Yes, my head still hurts.

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  1. I remember when I was eight or nine and my Granny ran into the garage door and hit her nose. She hit it so hard it messed up her sense of taste and smell. I wonder now if she did something more serious like one of her “attempts” and that was the story we were given.

  2. I’m right there with you. I was using the treadmill in my apartment complex and stumbled. The treadmill took care of the rest, and shot me backwards into the brick wall. So much for getting more graceful as I grow older.