Toledo: City of the Future

Toledo: City of the Future

Found at Promenade Park on the Maumee River in downtown Toledo.

City of the future… now there’s a scary thought. o.O

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  1. Phil: Dude, Toledo blows. This is a fact you’ll learn to appreciate (and loathe) this summer.

    As for the mural, of course it’s futuristic. It has DNA, and stars, and trippy stuff! 🙂 Someday Toledo will be just like Logan’s Run!

  2. @Aaron – Hey, that *is* DNA. I hadn’t noticed.

    @sheryls – The future also has lots of empty victorian-era storefronts. And an empty building where a kids’ science center used to be.

  3. City of the Future…yeah if you like high foreclosure rates, being unemployed, and whatever else comes with a crappy city. As the shirt my Dad used to wear in the early 80’s says, “Toledo Sucks”.