January Thaw

I always find it fascinating how many people go outside to walk during lunch when it suddenly becomes unseasonably warm. I’m one of those who will bundle up and go on my walk regardless, whether it’s 30 degrees (which is normal for January) or upwards of 60 degrees (like it was today).

When it’s cold outside, the outdoor contingent along the Maumee River downtown seems to be myself, one or two middle-aged men, and a few joggers of each gender. Today, I lost count of how many people were outside. Some were walking, some jogging, and some just looking out over the river.

If you’ve never gone on a walk in the snow, I highly recommend you give it a try. It’s quite invigorating, even if you’re like me and absolutely HATE the cold. Love the briskness, hate the physical pain the frigid temps can cause. Love getting my sunlight on, ramping up the Vitamin D and the serotonin and all the other goodness sunlight provides. Plus, the physical activity ramps up the serotonin by itself, giving me one seriously undepressed lunch hour.