Yay For Bronchitis!

Aaron wasn’t feeling so well on Thursday night. When he got up on Friday, he was feeling downright shitty. He stayed home from work on Friday night, sick and feverish and hacking up a lung.

Saturday was my Aikido seminar and testing. I left Aaron sleeping when I went to the morning seminar, and returned after noon to find him still sleeping (which is pretty normal, considering his schedule). He’d had a hard time sleeping; once he got up and around, he started feeling better. He came with me to the testing on Saturday afternoon, to watch me earn my rank in Aikido (more on that later), and we stuck around for the potluck dinner afterward. He didn’t seem so bad — his cough had died down considerably, and he wasn’t feeling as warm.

I, on the other hand, started getting a tickle of a cough while watching the tests that came after mine. By Saturday night, I was hacking almost as much as Aaron had been.

On Sunday, both of us were completely miserable, although he seemed to be doing better than I was. I was feverish, dizzy, nauseated, not hungry in the least; I basically just beached myself on the couch with water and tea and books all day. I took my temperature while Aaron was out doing grocery shopping: 101°F. That made me feel even worse.

Knowing how Aaron had felt, I e-mailed my supervisor in advance and told him I wouldn’t be in on Monday. I went to bed with the intention of sleeping it off, sweating it out, and being well enough to go to work by Tuesday. Aaron was feeling fine by the time he went to bed a few hours after me.

Last night sucked.

I couldn’t get to sleep, thanks to my Aikido soreness and my periodic hacking, rattling cough. I dozed in and out, and kept waking up either in pools of my own sweat or shivering like a mofo. I finally managed to get to sleep around 6:30am, and slept until around 10:30 or 11am. Aaron didn’t fare as well, as he barely slept all night.

When we both dozed awake, he informed me that we were going to get up, shower, eat something, and go to Urgent Care. Both of us. Turns out, he’d woken up in the middle of the night to hack and cough and get a drink of water, and had looked up the closest Urgent Care place in the phone book because he was so freaking miserable.

So, that’s what we did. We got to Maumee Urgent Care at 12:15pm, and Aaron got called in to see the doctor at 1:30pm. I got called in shortly thereafter. Long story short, I was diagnosed with bronchitis and pharyngitis, and Aaron was diagnosed with much worse bronchitis than mine. I didn’t have any immediate treatments at Urgent Care; just a prescription for antibiotics and a decongestant. Aaron, on the other hand, got a breathing treatment and a shot in the ass at the clinic, plus three prescriptions, including an inhaler and an antibiotic.

Per doctor’s orders, I’m off work tomorrow, and Aaron’s off work until Thursday.

Aren’t we the pair?

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  1. Sounds like what I had over New Year’s. Luckily, my doctor’s office had a doctor on call on New Year’s Day, and he called in a script that day. And luckily–for my bank account anyway–I was on vacation that week. Unluckily, I was too ill for our first anniversary, hang out at a hotel plans.

    Hope you feel better, and enjoy the time off.

    Maybe you’ll be feel up to hanging out on Saturday…