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Remember when I was all excited to get my IKEA kitchen organizer hanging bar thingie? I actually purchased the Gründtal bar and spice rack and shelf and S-hooks back in early December 2007… but I haven’t installed them yet.

Why not? Let me explain.

I located the studs in the wall before I even bought the rod, just to be sure it would fit properly. No problems with the fit — however, the stud finder we bought told us that there is hot AC by one of the studs I’d planned to drill into.

Now, I’m not in a big hurry to either a.) electrocute myself, b.) screw up the wiring in my kitchen by drilling through it, or c.) all of the above. Do you guys think I’m OK to go ahead and drill through the stud and install the mounting screws and the bar, or should I not mess with it at all?

I can’t find any specific info about this online, so I’m asking my faithful readership. What do you think?

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  1. Oh! Well, that makes sense. Unfortunately, I think my anchor screws are a bit longer than two inches.

    *goes to look for screws*

    Hmm. Nope, they’re only just over an inch long.

    But. I think I didn’t get the right screws. I got hollow wall anchors. I needed to get some kind of screw to drill into the studs themselves.