Highlights from Kyu Testing

The especially good parts:

0:24 to 0:40 – Check me out with my shomenuchi ikkyo omote osai. OMG, does my gi make me look fat? 😉
2:00 to 2:25 – Parts of Rich’s test. He really had the energy happening. Fun to watch.
3:30 to 3:52 – Part of Andy’s test. This part involves some fun hip-throws and breakfalls.
4:28 to end – More of Andy’s test, starting with jo (staff) work and ending with randori (multiple attackers).

Andy was on his third round of randori by this point, and these were the black belts (yudansha) coming at him for his final test. If he looks a little exhausted… that’s because he is. 🙂

And that’s what I did on Saturday the 26th. If it looks like fun, maybe you should give it a go.

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