All The Better To Kiss You With

All The Better To Kiss You With

I’m not usually one to be immediately sucked in by any sort of endorsement, be it from a friend or a celebrity or a celebrity blogger. Somehow, though, after Dooce posted about All The Better To Kiss You With organic lip balm last month (with a much better photo than my own, as always), I found myself on the BABYBEARSHOP website, ordering myself a three-pack of organic lip balm.

Apparently, the Force is strong with Dooce, because I was just one of many who bumrushed the BABYBEARSHOP all at once, so much so that they felt the need to apologize for the (very minor) delay in shipping my order.

I was tickled when I finally received my lip balm — probably a little *too* tickled, honestly. But they were all wrapped together in this ornate blue butterfly tissue paper, which was all folded and tucked in around the tiny tins like a cross between origami and a note I’d have passed in Junior High. As silly as it sounds, I enjoyed the process of unfolding the tissue paper and revealing the product inside. The packaging for the lip balms themselves is also very ornate and antique-inspired. I love it.

As for the actual product, it also does not disappoint. The three flavors available are Chai Mandarin, Lavender Vanilla, and Pepperminty. My current favorite is the Chai Mandarin. For the first few days I had the lip balm, I was applying it every hour or so. At my desk. In the office. My lips were just drinking it in. It was awesome. And I’m not sure I believe it myself, but it really seems like my lips are softer and not so prone to chapping in this nasty cold weather as they were a couple of weeks ago.

Plus, man, this stuff smells great. It’s giving me ideas for soy candles.

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  1. I’m so glad you like it! I do believe I packaged that one for you, I helped the warehouse along with all the Dooce orders and thought it was super cool to find your post this morning. The internet is a really interesting place. And I think your photo is great!