The Challenge: Weeks #6 & #7

Diana James
Week 1: 0.5% 1.5%
Week 2: 1.6% 2.3%
Week 3: 3.8% 2.3%
Week 4: 3.8% 3.5%
Week 5: 4.2% ???
Week 6: 4.0% 3.4%
Week 7: 3.5% ???

Famous last words: “If I stick to my diet and ramp up the exercise, I see no reason why I shouldn’t reach my 5% goal this week.”


I actually did very well while I was out of town for my training. I ate a small breakfast every day, ate a sensible lunch (though not always nutrient-rich — lunch for a couple of days was jerky and trail mix), and ate whatever for dinner. I didn’t let myself get overly stuffed, though, even at the Chinese buffet. This past week’s downfall was — drumroll, please? — the weekend. Mediterranean food and Max & Erma’s were both part of my weekend. I can’t remember what the third meal out was, but it wasn’t good for me, obviously. I ballooned to 207 after the weekend’s food festivities.

My weekly average weight chart is starting to curve the wrong way; I need to get this under control NOW and get back on the wagon. I’m going to aikido tomorrow for the first time in three weeks, and I’ve been doing strength training for the past couple of days (yesterday was abs, today was arms). I’ve been continuing to walk at lunchtime, even in the sub-freezing cold, although the colder weather leads to shorter walks.

This week, I’m focusing on not just getting to bed earlier, but establishing a nightly routine. I get my lunch ready, gather my iPod and PDA and whatnot (and tonight, “whatnot” will include packing my aikido bag), then sit zazen (seated meditation) for 20 minutes. I’ve found that really helps me slow down my mind at the end of the day. I’m not sure if it helps me sleep better, but I know it’s good for me on several levels. After zazen, I wash my face and brush my teeth and get into bed, and allow myself to read for a half hour before lights out.

Speaking of my nightly routine, it’s about time for me to go do that. Before I go, though, I want to commit to eating LESS this weekend. Not avoiding eating out altogether, but at least making more sensible decisions. Like getting the chicken salad croissant with tortilla soup instead of the cajun chicken pasta. Like eating an appetizer or half of an entree-sized salad for lunch. That’s my goal for this week: eat sensibly in restaurants.

Next Tuesday, I go with my co-worker to Chicago for more training, so I may or may not be able to update. We’ll see how I do in Chicago…

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  1. you know this but I will say it anyway, the most recently gained weight is the easyist to loose. don’t let this little set back upset you, you can do it. I know you can. hang in there.