Damn Weather

We were supposed to go to see Bob Mould at the Grog Shop in Cleveland on Saturday. Alas, Cleveland was under a Level 3 Snow Emergency. So, instead of getting ticketed, fined, or stuck in Cleveland, we just wiped our asses with the $45 we spent on two tickets.

Had the Grog Shop cancelled the show, we could have gotten our money back. However, as with the couple other times we got denied by inclement weather, the venue held what was probably an awesomely intimate evening with Bob and friends, since the band did manage to make it there in time and one piece.

It’s always a crapshoot, buying concert tickets at this time of year, as Aaron has pointed out. I was really looking forward to seeing Bob again — we hadn’t seen him since October 2005.

Ah, well. There’ll be another time. Someday.