The Challenge Reboots Next Week

It’s been a week of ups and downs for me, weight-wise. The weekend was bad. Very bad. Worse than it should have been, mainly because of my inability to STOP EATING.

(One piece of Enchilada Casserole for Sunday dinner would have been OK. Two was pushing it. Three was definitely being bad. But four? Four was redonkulous. And I knew it. And I paid for it in physical discomfort for some time afterward. Aaron and I polished off an entire 9″x13″ pan of Enchilada Casserole in one sitting, and it was a Poor Idea™. But not really Aaron’s fault, as I could easily have begged off after having seconds.)

All last week, I chose not to log my food, just to see what would happen. What happened was that I steadily lost weight: half a pound a day, give or take. Then the weekend happened. But on Monday, I turned it around, and by today’s weigh-in, I was back down to having lost 3% of my body weight since January 1st.

James and I have really been having a time of it. I did really well for the first five weeks, then my weekly average weight chart started heading the wrong direction for the next four. This week, I’m finally on the decline again, so far:

Today, when James and I were checking in with each other via e-mail, he made a suggestion: Why don’t we make this challenge a Spring Fling and call a redo starting March 20th — the first day of Spring? I’ll go with that, sure! (Especially since a Thursday weigh-in will keep me going to Aikido on Wednesday nights.)

So, next week begins a new challenge, a new starting point, and a new attitude. Rather, a continuation of the new attitude I’ve cultivated so far this week. Plus, I could use a new starting point to determine a new ending point; I want to have this competition in the bag by… *calculates a reasonable date by which to lose ten pounds* …by the time I go to the World Crokinole Championship in Ontario, early this June. (No joke. I’ll tell you all about it later.)

Really, though: there’s no shame in calling a do-over when both parties would benefit from a fresh perspective.

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