Meme: Diana Needs…

I haven’t done one of these in a while; and, no, I wasn’t “tagged” for this one, either. I was just looking through some old blog entries yesterday, and came upon the “Diana is…” meme from a few years back, so I thought I’d do the related “Diana needs…” meme just for fun:

[Edited To Add: The idea here is to Google your first name with the verb “needs” or “is” and post the first several hits — particularly the amusing ones.]

Diana needs a wealthy husband who can provide her with the high life she craves while sheltering her from the media clamor that follows her every move.
> [Um, wrong Diana. Sorry.]

Diana needs a hug.
> [Always.]

Diana needs to come over and turn my charming studio into a warehouse loft!
> [Diana needs to paint her own living room first, kthx.]

Diana needs to make an announcement.
> [I do? Very well… I AM GOING TO HAWAII IN 35 28 DAYS.]

Diana… needs outa this town!
> [See above.]

Diana needs help.
> [Always.]

Diana needs to learn respect to the refs.
> [I got a rope… I got a tree… All we need is a… nevermind.]

Diana needs to take a trip to the museum to see all the beautiful paintings of women ten times bigger during the Roman/Greek times.
> [Maybe she does. Maybe Diana would feel better about herself if her likeness were dropped into a Boticelli or Bellini painting.]

Diana needs to get a few clues.
> [Again, always.]

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  1. i’ve done this before, and it hasnt changed much, but just for fun:

    -Sheryl needs Helen’s help (helens! HALP!)

    -what kind of booze Sheryl needs in her dressing room (kettle one and diet tonic. +limes ftw.)

    -Sheryl needs a bone marrow transplant and Sarah’s struggle with epilepsy continues (yargggh needles.)

    -Poor poor Sheryl needs a new gig. (does she ever!)

    -Sheryl needs to try decaf (heresy to her) (heresy indeed!)

    -Sheryl needs a swing DJ and a few dancers (sounds like a party!)

    -Sheryl needs to clear her room (..of all the packing clutter, yes.)


    -Sheryl needs to take a look at God’s feelings for the sin her life is (this one might actually be about me.)

    what’s really amusing is that if you google “sheryl needs” you’ll find results of other people doing this same meme, with the above results listed 😀