Spring Challenge, Week #6

I know it seems like weight loss updates are all I’ve been posting lately; at least, it does to me. I’ve been spending more time playing Culdcept Saga and figuring out some blog coding tweaks than sitting down and blogging, so I haven’t really been posting any substantive blog entries of late. I wish I could promise that will change… but I can reliably promise no such thing. I can but try.

At any rate, I’m back on the decline! Tuesday’s WW weigh-in had me down 2.4 pounds from last week, and today’s Spring Challenge weigh-in had me down 1.5 pounds from my spring starting weight. Any way you look at it, it’s good news.

BUT. Next week starts my vacation.

Am I taking a vacation from healthy eating and exercise? Not entirely. I’m planning to continue tracking my food until the day we leave for Hawaii, and begin tracking again the day we return (or once the jet lag subsides). While I’m in Hawaii, I’m going to stick to reasonable eating habits: not stuffing myself overfull, not going completely ballistic on booze and sweets, and definitely staying active. We’ll be in Hawaii, for gods sakes! Beautiful weather, all the time. Swimming, walking — I might even join the local Aikido club for an hour’s romp.

I honestly don’t expect to gain much (if any) weight during those seven days. That’s the plan, anyway.