Japan Trip, Day 3, Part 2: Meguro, continued

I seriously doubt I’m going to get through blogging the remainder of our Japan trip in the next few days. We’ll see, though.

When we last left off, we had just finished walking through the Meguro Parasitological Museum. Considering that it was free, and that we got to see elephantitis of the nuts, we felt it had been worth our time.

As we made our way back to the subway station, we saw that the city was finally awake and alive, unlike when we’d first arrived. Sure, salarymen and women had been crowding the crosswalks on their way to work, but no restaurants or retail stores had been open yet…

At one intersection, we passed a truck selling melon bread, and decided to try a loaf. (Me, pointing to bread: “Hitotsu, onegaishimasu!”) The bread was warm and soft; chewy and fluffy on the inside, and just a little crusty on the outside. Aaron and I leaned on a bike rack on the side of the road and stopped to enjoy its yummy goodness for a moment.

Melon Bread!

Once we finished our melon bread, we started walking toward the subway station again. We didn’t make it very far before we found someplace else to check out: a toy store, complete with giant inflatable Anpanman outside:


Of course, once we realized what this place was, we HAD to go inside. And we were glad we did, because this store had tons of 1970s-era mecha toys and collectibles, in addition to all the standard kids’ cuteness. Aaron ogled at the display cases and pointed out certain figures, and the old man who was manning the store leaned out from his corner way in the back and gave us looks. (“That gaijin knows what those figures are? Hmm…”) We ended up buying a Doraemon puzzle for Kris’s son Sam, since it had a train on it, and Sam loves trains; and I bought myself a super-soft plushie Anpanman.

OK, back to the subway, right? Not yet — not much farther down the road, we found a discount food store. We had a standing request from Sheryl to purchase some particular Japanese snacks for her, and this seemed like a likely place to find them, so we decided to check it out. After perusing the store, we left with not only Sheryl’s onigiri senbei, but also some Pocky and Choco Anpan, among other snackies.

We finally did make it back to the subway station, and took our booty back to the hotel before heading out to Nakano Broadway. But that’s another blog entry for another time.

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