One Small Step For A Diana

I had this carefully crafted blog intro I wrote out at work today, all about this song I remembered from Junior High choir called “Little By Little,” and how the lyrics apply to my life.

Instead of using said intro, I’m just going to tell you that I started my running program this evening, after much hemming and hawing and giving up before I started and getting reinvigorated by things I read online.

Tonight, I spent 20 minutes alternating a one-minute run with a three-minute walk. I just went around the one-mile block that I generally walk if I want a pleasant but not too lengthy walk. It was just about dusk, which made me a little more comfortable about running in the potential presence of other people (since, even if someone were outside at dusk, they wouldn’t see me very well, anyway).

The first running minute was a piece of cake. I could have kept going, no problem, but I knew better. The second stint of running was a little more challenging, but not bad. Actually, none of them were “bad” at all. They were all short enough that I didn’t feel like I was going to die at the end, like I usually do with running (because I push myself too hard right off the bat). The only stretch of running that felt long was the last one, and that was partially because it WAS long — I was almost home, and there was someone outside in his driveway; so instead of stopping right in front of him, I ran past and crossed the street toward my house and tacked on another 20 seconds to my running time.

Tomorrow is Aikido, for the first time in over a month (the longest break I think I’ve taken from Aikido since I started nearly one year ago). I’m going to ease myself back into Aikido, going every Wednesday for a while, then easing back into a Wednesday / Saturday routine, and maybe eventually going to Mon / Wed / Sat. For now, though, I’m planning to do an evening walk/jog on Tuesdays and Thursdays, try to do one on Sunday mornings (can I make myself get up?), and do Aikido on Wednesdays. After I’m sure I’m acclimated to that, then I’ll start filling in Aikido and maybe some strength training in the remaining days (or in addition to my run?).

Man, that felt good. I always forget how good exercise feels!

Beyond the jump: unfair comparisons, and current weights & measures.

* * * * *

It’s been a while since I took full measurements of myself, so I think now would be a good time.

Weight: 206 lbs (per my bathroom scale, first thing in the a.m.)
Body Fat Percentage: 33.9% (per my Omron Body Fat Monitor this morning)
Neck: 14″
Bust (around the b00bs): 44.5″
Chest (under the b00bs, not the armpits): 37.5″
Waist (where my pants live): 40″
Hips: 48″
Upper Arm: 13.5″
Lower Arm: 10.25″
Thigh: 26″
Calf: 16″

So, what does all this mean? It means that, since the last time I took a full body measurement, almost exactly one year ago, my measurements have actually changed very little — they’re all within one inch of what they were, despite me being eight pounds heavier. My body fat is actually a couple of percentage points higher, too, so I’m not sure where those eight pounds are living. Not that I’m complaining.

This weekend, I asked my friend, Mark, how much he weighs. Mark’s just a little taller than me, I think, and he’s quite the beanpole (although he’s actually filled out a bit over time). Turns out that Mark’s current weight is my “ideal” goal weight.

WTF, mate.

I mean, I know he and I are built *entirely* differently — but that makes the mental image that much more unimaginable for me. How am I supposed to be his same weight and still have b00bs? Or a figure at all? I mean, really? I’m stumped.

The good news? At least my husband will be able to carry me over the threshold when I lose all my weight:


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  1. lol ok so he lifted Mark but can he walk with him in his arms?
    I know what you mean about feeling better when you exercise. It’s the getting started thats hard. I just started useing my “Pelota’s” Ball again. I know it’s working because my abs hate me. But I am going to keep on. as for running I NEVER was very good at that. Keep up the good work.

  2. Pelota’s = Pilates? 😉

    After yesterday’s Aikido and my walk/jog the day before, my legs are sore today in all kinds of fun and interesting ways. I’m going to get myself into a routine this month, then start switching it up and adding new things as time progresses. Maybe use my own “Pelota’s” ball a little more…