Starting Week Seven

So, here I am, at the beginning of Week #7 of Weight Watchers. I’ve acclimated myself to how the program works. I know the Points® values for the foods I eat most often. I’ve adjusted my way of eating, slowly but surely, toward more veggies and less meat.

Now it’s time to really make the commitment.

Because I’ve lost less than three pounds in the past six weeks. And I want to see more results.

Meetings are helpful, and weigh-ins impose a sense of accountability that might not otherwise be in effect (despite my incessant blogging about my weight). Still, when I’ve gained nearly a pound in a week without meaning to, it’s hard to hear about the woman who’s lost 57 pounds — and not just hear about her, but hear HER, herself, explaining what’s different now, saying how she’s still got a long way to go, and referring to Flex Points as “devil points.”

It makes me want to cry sometimes. What are these people doing differently from me, that they lose five pounds in a single week, and I can’t even do that in a month and a half? What’s wrong with me?

I ask myself that a lot, it seems.

Of course, when I get like this, it makes me want to crawl into a little hole and eat one-point fudge bars all evening, and not do the things I should be doing (mainly exercising), and that doesn’t help matters. Me skipping out on Aikido tomorrow would be a Very Bad Idea™, since I need to get back into the swing of things.

But, damn, I’m just so depressed. I’d rather curl up on the couch and take a nap.

Aaron tried to cheer me up, and he did a pretty good job of it, too. “You’re all depressed over 0.8 pounds?” he asked, and reminded me that I’m still headed in the general direction of where I need to go. That was helpful, and made me feel better, to an extent.

I need a little Aaron on my shoulder all the time, to drown out the little Diana on the other shoulder that berates me for sleeping in too late and not exercising enough and generally being a schmuck in so many ways.

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  1. Stick with it and don’t give in! Sometimes these little set backs can be really disappointing, but don’t let them sidetrack you altogether. Imagine two scenarios:

    One where you sit on the couch all night crunching 1point bars. How good will that make you feel after you’re done? Probably not so much.


    Two where you drink a ton of water, and go to Aikido. How good will you feel after that? Probably pretty exhilarated. When you’re done with Aikido for the week, you should reward yourself with some new shoes, or a haircut just for pushing through the duldroms. That kind of stuff really goes a long way for me, at least.

    Speaking of water…how much are you drinking?

  2. Arrgg… you should cross-post this to DietSquid.

    The people who are losing like 5 pounds every week, in my experience are:

    1. Extremely overweight (it’s easy to lose at the top of your weight class)
    2. Beginners to dieting (you can lose a lot at first)
    3. Being kind of risky – aren’t you supposed to lose two pounds a week?

  3. 1st I agree with ErinF, you want to keep it off not just loose it fast and gain it back. Two pounds a week is what I have always heard.
    2nd Come on Diana look at some of your pics of yourself pre diet!!! you are doing GREAT!!!
    3rd as long as you are moving forward(no matter how slowly) you WILL make it.

  4. Thanks, all! I appreciate the help.

    I’m drinking around six 8oz glasses of water a day, currently, give or take a glass.

    I had such a weird and funky mood day yesterday that I took a “mental health day” off of work today to recoup. I also skipped Aikido this evening, yes, but am going to do some housecleaning and some cardio at home instead.

    Sometimes it’s just so hard to see the forest through the trees, you know? I do need to remember that I became a big fat fatty fatty boombalatty during the end of college, and at least I’m not obese anymore.