Weight Watching, Week Ten

I gained one pound since last week’s weigh-in, but I’m OK with that. See, I’ve kept up with the practice of weighing myself daily at home, and I know that I’ve actually maintained a slow but steady decline. For last week’s weigh-in, I ate a ridiculously tiny breakfast and drank just enough water to take my multivitamin, just so I would weigh in at hair-cutting weight at noon. It only makes sense that today, after eating a normal breakfast and drinking a full glass of water (at least) before noon, I could weigh more.

I’ve also noticed small things, like the looseness of the dress pants I wear to work — even the ones I just bought recently. My bras fit better now. Some of my shirts hang just a little funny in places. I think my neck / double-chin is shrinking. My posture is better (for the most part).

A big part of my recent successes is the companionship of Aaron on the diet bandwagon. Since he’s decided to officially eat healthier and exercise, I’m less tempted to eat things I shouldn’t. He’s the main grocery shopper, so the food in the house is now overwhelmingly healthy (although we still have some throwbacks in the fridge and cupboards), and there’s very little to tempt either of us. Plus, the weekends are on their way to becoming times to try out new recipes (like Asian Mushroom Stir-Fry) instead of eating out at the Indian buffet (and not stopping at one plateful).

Overall, I’m doing well. I’m slowly ramping up my exercise — I don’t allow myself to watch Good Eats unless I’m on the mini trampoline — and I’m eating my fruits and veggies and drinking my water.

I’m learning to work the program… so the program will work for me. That’s my mantra.

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  2. Had some trouble finding a way to leave you a message on your (daughter’s) MySpace, so I’ll leave it here.

    I do appreciate you posting the lyrics to the song. At the time I posted the comment about the Phunk Junkeez back in ’05, the lyrics weren’t posted anywhere online where I could find them. Now that I’ve read the lyrics, I do remember hearing them at the time; I guess I was so negatively biased by the manner of delivery (I thought the band sucked sucked so bad) that I didn’t remember anything of the content afterward.

    My sincere condolences to your entire family. Keep Kelli’s memory alive.