My Brain Makes the Darndest Dreams

The inner workings of the brain never cease to amuse me.

This weekend, I did a few completely unrelated things:

  1. Searched for Alton Brown’s lentil soup recipe
  2. Took a long walk with Aaron
  3. Looked to see if my hometown of Medina was recorded for Google Street View
  4. Read the menu of the restaurant I’d be going to today with my co-workers, to decide on an entree in advance

Last night, my brain concocted this great dream where I’d moved into a house in Medina. (I’m pretty sure that both Aaron and my mother lived there, too.) I was walking along the streets at night, when I came across none other than Alton Brown, talking into a bluetooth digital audio recorder. When I approached him, he was friendly, and we walked together to a local drug store which, inexplicably, sold food in the middle of the night. We ordered the special — which I ate until AB pointed out that the meat in the sandwich was mainly fatty, at which point I stopped and said I should really stick to my diet. I was also giddy and fangirl-ish and more candid than I needed to be, telling embarrassing stories about myself. Afterward, as we walked back to our respective homes, I discovered that my new Medina house was only three houses down from AB’s house. I also discovered that it was 3am, and I’d been out for a Very Long Time.

Isn’t the brain fun?