Weight Loss: Noticing the Little Things

I’m starting to step back from myself and see the differences between then and now. It’s surreal, almost.

For instance: when I reach around to scratch my shoulder, there’s a definite lack of a fat layer there. I can feel the boniness of my shoulder blade, and the existence of that little hollow at the top and back of my shoulder area.

Also: when I lay on my side to go to sleep at night, I’ll sometimes wrap one arm around myself and kind of tuck it under my rib area. This rib area is actually starting to feel like ribs, and not like some sort of water balloon or something.

I’ve always had a gut. I think the anatomy of this gut is partially hereditary, being that all the womenfolk in my family have had the same shape of lower-abdominal fatness. Anyway, I was sitting on the john today, and realized (as I had some time on my hands) that my gut is deflating. I actually picked it up as best I could and squished it around and noted that it feels much less dense than it once did. I can still quite easily pinch more than an inch, but now it at least feels like skin with some fat underneath it, rather than a big, dense girl gut.

It’s fun to notice the small things as I lose weight bit by bit. Funny — back in late 2002, I noticed I was getting fat obese when little things caught my attention: like the fact that the fat-roll creases in my love-handles were permanent and only went away with a major side bend, and like the fact that there was no space between my arms and my torso when I stood up straight.

I guess little things can make a big difference — in a good way — if you let them.

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  1. DISCOVERY! it’s amazing, isnt it?

    i have really big ribs – a really wide ribcage. it’s what gives that illusion of a flat stomach even when i don’t have one – i remember the day my stomach went behind them, and i could see them through my skin. like, woah. i used to have a fatroll on top of them – like a second set of boobs 😛

    then i remember seeing my shoulders/triceps in the mirror, rippling out during a lateral raise. shoulders became my favorite part to work out.

    then the split in my quads, the apples in my calves, the top two abs…it only gets better! 😀

    good job di – you look amazing 😀 noticing these things makes it all worth it, and makes you not want to go back to the old habits!