The Result Is Its Own Reward

Official weigh-in today shows that I’m less than five pounds away from my 10% goal. I lost 1.2 pounds this week, despite sharing a strawberry rhubarb pie with Aaron at the Fulton County Fair.

This weekend, I was eyeing my Sterilite container full of too-small clothes that were too cool to thrift off. I’d told myself that I wasn’t going to try any of them on until I had dropped another size, just so I wouldn’t be disappointed… but I was curious. So, I pulled the box down from the top of the closet, pulled on an XL girly tee from Wizzywig — and it fit.

OMG. I can haz cute clothes?

The XL girly tees I bought from Threadless aren’t quite fitting the way I’d like them to — the armpits are bunching up a little — but it won’t be long on those. They fit well enough that they’re perfectly serviceable for bumming around the house after work, though.

I can comfortably wear 2XL girly tees from Steve & Barry’s (which is what started this whole process of wondering about my other cute clothes), but I couldn’t find anything terribly awesome to buy last time I was there.

The only thing that’s kind of frustrating is that there’s really no way to target fat loss from particular places on the body, like thighs and upper arms and upper belly. I can exercise them and firm up the muscles underneath, but that won’t burn off the fat on top. So I’ll just have to wait. As a next step to teh cuteness, I’d really love to feel comfortable in non-knee-length shorts.

Maybe by next summer. For now, I’m at least on the right track.