Candle Sale!

homemade soy candles

It’s time for the First Annual Soy Candle Blowout! (No pun originally intended… but that does have a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?)

See, I figure I can justify my candlemaking hobby if I actually recoup some of the money I spend on supplies. My losses have been steadily declining over the years, until 2008 is finally looking like the year I might actually turn a profit on this hobby. Granted, I’ve spent only a fraction of what I spent on supplies in previous years, but still. It’s all about learning how to maximize profit while still having a good time and making smelly-good candles for me and mine. Right?

I’ve had this idea in years past that I should really make a big push for Christmas sales, since that’s when I usually sell (and gift) the most candles. Last year, 72% of my annual sales were made in December alone; the year before, 65% were from November and December combined. So, I figure that if I can increase my visibility in the months leading up to the holiday season, all the better.

I’ve considered putting up an Etsy store to try to sell my candles, but I have the feeling I’d probably only sell to my friends and family (and co-workers), anyway. So, best to skip the middleman and just try selling direct from my blog!

For sale to the first people to e-mail me (since comments have been wonky lately), I have up for sale the following 3oz votives from my current inventory:

  • Kahlua (three two one available)
  • Cool Citrus Basil
  • Creamy Coconut
  • Hazelnut Coffee [SOLD]
  • Vanilla Mint
  • Lilac (available via Etsy)

The price is $4 per candle. If you need your candles shipped, we can discuss shipping charges via USPS. Along with your purchase, you also will receive a FREE tealight sample of another fragrance (of my choosing). These samples come two to a box and are perfect for deciding whether you like a scent well enough to buy a votive or mason jar candle. (Not so good for smelling up a whole room, though.) Also excellent stocking stuffers. These tealight samples usually sell for 50¢ for a box of two.

My normal M.O. is to take custom orders: say, two eggnog candles in quilted mugs, or a 10oz cranberry candle. I prefer not to have too much inventory laying around for too long; since I don’t have very many customers, I’d rather not make candles in advance and just hope they’ll sell. But, while I’m making these custom orders, I like to make additional small votives and tealights, either for myself (why do you think I got into this hobby?) or as gifts, or to sell like this. It’s helpful to have SOME inventory when a former boss e-mails me and says, “I need a holiday gift basket for the Secret Santa exchange — what can you do for me?” Since I’m such a small operation, I don’t exactly have the equipment to make multiple batches of candles, so a gift basket could take me a week to create, you know? Nice to be able to pull out a Cranberry and a Pumpkin Pie and some boxes of tealights and only have to make one or two “big” custom candles.

Point being, if you ever decide you want a soy candle, and you have a particular scent in mind (even a Bath & Body Works or Yankee Candle scent), just ask. Chances are, I’ll be able to oblige.

OK, enough rambling about candle crap that you probably don’t care about. Who wants some?