Is everyone like this? I’ll go all-out on something — say, a diet — for a few weeks, then I’ll just coast for a week or so. Same thing happens with web projects, or major cleaning endeavors at home, or an exercise plan, or anything sustained over a decently long period of time. (Unfortunately, my collegiate academics were like that, too, but I didn’t “coast” as much as “quit going to class.”)

I’m in the middle of the slack phase of my diet right now. I’m actually eating my Flex Points (the built-in cheaty part of the diet) instead of ignoring them like I usually do, or saving them for emergencies (e.g. “I had no idea that Indian dish was made with clarified butter”). I’m also in the midst of an exercise slack phase; I haven’t done my prescribed nightly exercise for a couple of weeks. I’m maintaining my weight fairly well, and I’m wondering if these phases of slackerdom aren’t related to my body needing to chill the fuck out with the weight loss, and just catch up with itself.

Thing is, I’m taking a mental vacation in other ways, too. I’m having a bitch of a time focusing on my job. I’m taking days off of working on my freelance site, even though one or two evenings of nose-to-the-grindstone work would wrap things up once and for all. My desk (at home) is getting messy again. I wonder what’s up with me?

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  1. uh oh…comments are being invaded again! Slackerdom is the way of life for the people in our age group. My diet went on slack phase a loooong time ago. Time to get back on the horse–before I kill it with my mass.