One Down, One Zillion To Go

Apart from a few minor issues that I need to finish addressing, my freelance gig is complete. The site is done, the client knows how to update it, and I’ve been paid for my work. Now the trick is to get Chelsea Tipton‘s website to come up first in the Google rankings for a search on his name, instead of being stuck on the second page of results.

Now that I have one project in the bag (or I will very shortly), I can contemplate my next project: moving and redesigning my blog.

And after that’s done, I have a laundry list of projects that will literally never end. Not until I’m dead.

Minor things like editing home videos and outputting them to DVD. Major things like finishing a novel or two. Mundane things like getting my fucking desk clean once and for all. Pragmatic things like updating my resume and portfolio. Creative things like songwriting, or photography, or scrapbooking. Oh, Lordy, the scrapbooking. I haven’t even finished scrapbooking our honeymoon, and we celebrated our 5th anniversary this past May.

Whenever I hear someone say they need a hobby, I want to invite them to have one of mine. I have more than I’ll ever use up.

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  1. i dont think cleaning/organizing your desk has to be mundane. i find cleaning and organizing very relaxing and extremely fulfilling. ridding your life of trash (and even just Stuff You Don’t Need/Want) and having a clean work area is really cathartic and satisfying!

  2. I hear ya, chicky. Learning tracks to record, songs to write and arrange for the quartet, comic books to bag, board, & organize, my own website to redesign and take in a different direction, band directors to schmoose so I don’t spend another fall wishing I was instructing…

    …great. Now ya got ME stressing about my “to do” list…

    Oh, and thanks for changing my blog title. 😉

  3. @sheryls – i guess it’s not so much mundane as it is… unending. i feel like i’m never done. i get almost done, then stuff piles up again. i just need to implement a real solution before i start cleaning, i guess. urgent bin, to-do-eventually bin, will-need-it-soon bin, that sort of thing.

    @mom – as aaron has come to understand, bored just means nothing sounds good, not so much that there IS nothing to do. 😉

    @Paul – at least i don’t have two kids to raise on top of all my to-do-ness, right? 😀