Dangerous Spiral

I was going to post, for lack of anything better to say, about how I’ve been kind of lethargic and apathetic lately. In the mornings, even if I’ve gotten almost eight hours of sleep, I want nothing more than to turn off the alarm and curl back up on my pillow and sleep for another two or three hours. In the evenings, all I want once I come home is to see Aaron off to work, feed the cat, and then alternate between reading, playing video games, and feeding my face until it’s time for bed. No Zen, no cleaning, no exercise.

No exercise. There’s the rub. I’m pretty sure that’s what’s causing this mess, and that’s a sticky widget, because the less I exercise, the less I want to exercise.

Somehow, I have to jolt myself into giving a damn again. I need to stop giving myself stupidly long to-do lists in the evenings, and focus on just accomplishing one major task. Regimented. Scheduled. Productive. With a little play built in.

Tomorrow evening, however, is devoted to a shopping trip with Sheryls. Which will be productive in its own way, as I already have an agenda, which I may or may not detail post-trip.

The cat is meowing and purring and rolling around on the floor beside my chair in my lap, which is a sign that she thinks it’s time to me to go to bed. I think that’s a good idea.

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