Before and …During?

A few years ago, back when Napoleon Dynamite was all the rage, I bought myself a Vote for Pedro t-shirt on Amazon. Alas, when I got it, I discovered that it was just a touch too tight. …OK, maybe more than “a touch.”

I held onto that shirt for a year before I decided that it would make a good before-and-after weight photo. So, I put on my best-fitting pair of jeans (read: least tight in the waist), put on my too-tight shirt, and took some pictures. As expected, once I saw the pics full-size on my computer, I swore I would show them to no one until I had an appropriate After picture.

And here we are, twenty pounds later. I’m wearing a different pair of jeans, mainly because these fit better than (read: are not as loose as) the other ones (which I do still own), but the difference is still obvious:

2006 vs. 2008

Differences that stand out for me:

  • The smaller waist. No more jellyroll / spare tire. Or, at least, not as noticeable of one.
  • The neck. I have bones and tendons and shadows!
  • The pants fit. Properly.
  • I like my short hair. Having some hair to frame my face suits me.
  • The upper arm is smaller. Hard to see unless you’re looking for it. Like I am.
  • Even my fingers are thinner! Lookit that!
  • The boobs. They have shrunk. Part of me is sad to see them go.

So, I wonder what the picture for 170 lbs and 24 BMI will look like? We’ll find out next year…

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  1. WOW!!!!
    I will hardly know you next year when I visit.
    The thin face and the neck were the first things I noticed. And yes, yes that is a waist.
    Ok you know there is a part of you that wants to flaut it in front of the people from your past.
    Grandpa Cook would be knocked off his feet.
    Well done keep up the great work