Fear of Rejection

Out of my previous list of candle inventory for sale, I managed to sell three: two Kahlua and one Hazelnut Coffee. The rest are in the process of being posted to my new Etsy store:

Etsy store listings

There are a LOT of soy candles for sale on Etsy, though, and mine don’t really stand out for any particular reason. I guess I just wonder how long it’s going to take before I actually sell anything.

I know that nothing has really changed about my little operation: I still melt 18oz of wax at a time in my thrifted Pyrex measuring container. I still measure my annual sales in single-digit quantities. But now that I’ve put items for sale on a much more public scale… I don’t know.

I’m really just dabbling in a hobby, and making money to offset what I spend on said hobby. I have no right to feel like I’m a “candlemaker” or a “craftsperson,” really. If my candle sales took off, it’s not like I’d actually ramp up the operation or anything. So that means I shouldn’t feel bad if my three little votives don’t sell, right?