Adventures in Discount Hairstyling

icon-kdlang.jpgYou get what you pay for. Go to Great Clips for a $6.99 haircut, and that’s exactly what you’ll get.

As for me, I got a stylist who heard me say, “I’m not quite used to the short hair yet,” saw me visually and verbally describe the cut I wanted, then proceeded to give me a MUCH shorter cut. To her credit, she did apologize for making it so short, after she said that it had turned out shorter than she’d thought.

What? You have the scissors, lady! My hairstyle is completely under your control! WTF.

So, now I’m stuck with a VERY short haircut that I didn’t ask for, but that I now have to deal with for several months until it grows out. One thing is for certain: I am NEVER going back to Great Clips.

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