Apple Butter Festival 2008

I realized that I was getting some weird looks this afternoon in Grand Rapids, Ohio, at the Apple Butter Festival. Of course, I *was* wearing my Pump Up The Jam t-shirt from Hot Topic, prominently displaying a piece of toast with jam on each boob.

After discussing this unexpected attention with Aaron, he pointed out to me that I was “That Guy.” You know. Don’t be the guy who wears a condiment t-shirt to the condiment festival. Don’t be that guy.

Not only that, but we purchased condiments at the condiment festival: three pints of apple butter (handmade in Grand Rapids, before an audience of onlookers), a jar of habañero pickles, and one small squeeze-bottle of peanut butter spread (made in Holmes County, Ohio, and which we had previously enjoyed on our 2005 vacation to Amish Country).

Three cheers for a diet which allows apple butter! We’ve never purchased apple butter in Grand Rapids before, since sugary goodness was taboo. Now, though, three or four tablespoons of apple butter is only one WW Point. Spread that on a toasty whole-grain English muffin, and you’ve got one tasty breakfast. Nom nom nom.