I Used To Be Able To Draw

I think I want to pick up drawing again, just so I can make ad-hoc webcomics of funny things that happen to me, or things that Aaron says. I mean, some things are just funnier visually.

Case in point — and I probably shouldn’t even blog this until I have a three-panel comic to go with it, but I will anyway: Aaron and I were standing on the floor before the Matthew Sweet show at the Beachland Ballroom, chatting and being bored until the opener came on. So, I pulled out my cell phone and updated the world about how we’d just eaten Vietnamese with Aaron’s cousin, and were now waiting for the show to start.

“You know,” I told Aaron, “since I haven’t been able to tweet from work, my blog has really gone down the shitter.” It’s true: when I would tweet six times a day from work, I’d feel obligated to put some “real” content on my blog on a daily basis. Lately, though, I haven’t, and content has gone, as I said, down the shitter.

Aaron looked at me and said, “The Twitter Shitter?”

Immediately, in my mind, I had the flash of a three panel comic detailing our exchange, ending up with a great font-perfect parody of a Twitter Shitter, with appropriate and obvious signage.

This isn’t the only time I’ve thought that, man, I should really draw this and put it online in a comic/flash animation. If only I could *really* draw.

It’s been so long, though…