What I Do For Fun And Profit

Homemade Soy Candle

This candle will soon be going up on my Etsy store, assuming I don’t sell it to someone at work first.

I’m planning to do a bit of a holiday sales push on the candles, reminding all my friends and former co-workers that my candles are perfect Christmahanukwanzakah gifts. I can’t really do discounts, since the whole point is to actually break even on this hobby of mine… but I have been known to cut deals on gift basket sets.

I’ve gotten some sample scents from my newest supplier, and have been highly disappointed to find that their Cranberry scent smells like port-o-john, and their regular Basil scent smells like Seabreeze astringent. From what I can tell so far, though, their Eggnog and Christmas Pine and Candy Corn and Caramel Apple and Fresh Basil are double-plus awesome. We’ll see for sure when I make test candles out of them.

Think of me when you get your Secret Santa going on at the office, and suddenly need a selection of anyone-will-like-this gifts! (The four-ounce candle in the picture is $4 plus shipping, if you’re interested..)