If you can see this entry, that means my domain has successfully propagated to point to my new server. Yay!

I’m sure there will be some broken things on the site. Files missing, homegrown databases yet to be restored, other indignities of that nature. Just shoot me an e-mail or leave a comment somewhere, and I’ll address the problem as time permits.

Once things are back to how they used to be, I plan to do a major overhaul of the site. You folks who subscribe via RSS probably won’t notice much, but anyone who visits the page will see the first big blog redesign in the past three years.

I just saved myself over $100 per year by moving servers. How about that shit?

Update, just before midnight: Well, almost success, anyway. I have some troubleshooting to do regarding my fancy new add-on domain and Movable Type. If I use the add-on domain or its corresponding subdomain ( or, MT gives me a 500 Internal Server Error. If I don’t use one of those, and I use instead, I break all the links in my archive pages. Most notably, my stylesheets.


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