One Year In The “New” Job

(Despite the fact that my blog is still somewhat broken, design-wise, I’m going to post new entries, anyway. Hopefully I’ll get things worked out soon.)

Yesterday was my one-year anniversary in Data Warehousing, and I’m not sure how to articulate how I feel about that. Actually, I’m not sure I even know how I feel myself.

I’ve learned so much in one year, definitely, but I often feel that a.) that’s only because I came in knowing so little, and b.) I have a daunting amount yet to learn. When I started here, I had experience putzing around with MySQL and PHP, and had co-built the infamous Request Log Access Database with James. Since then, I’ve learned concepts that I didn’t even know existed (like the concept of a Data Warehouse), and built up from there with technologies and applications and best practices.

Oftentimes, though, I feel like the youngest fairy godmother. I can’t do anything totally awesome (yet), but I can do little helpful things. Which, to be fair to myself, is really selling myself short. I’m finally to a point where I can solve problems on my own, and actually discuss solutions with my supervisor and come up with valid and original ideas, and not have to go yell for help multiple times a day.

Seems like, whenever I blog about how I feel about work, it comes across as a major downer. Which it’s not, really. I don’t dislike my job. I like certain aspects of it a lot, although I do miss certain things from my old job(s).

I’ve come to realize that I miss having a “work spouse” in James, and having multiple work friends to shoot the shit with. I guess I just don’t feel like I “click” with very many people at the new gig, although that’s coming along slowly. I’ve never been one to make friends very quickly, as my drum corps buddies will confirm. It’s awesome having Sheryl around now, though; she’s the one person I feel like I can be completely free and open around, and not have to worry about making the wrong impression, or seeming unprofessional, or whatever my problem is.

So, after one year? Social skills still need some work. Technical skills seem to be progressing at a reasonable pace. Not planning to look for a new gig anytime soon (which is a definite improvement on my last place of employment, as I was trying to get out of there every year or so).

I finally have a real career track. Holy shit.