The Gift of Fitness. My Own.

I first learned about one hundred push ups back in October, via the LJ of this fantastic artist from whom I bought cute mousie awesomeness at PAC.

Like almost every fitness venture I think about starting, I thought about starting this for weeks. I mentioned it to Aaron. I looked over the program. I forgot about it, then I remembered about it. Then, recently, Aaron asked me about it and showed some interest in trying it himself. So, I decided that I would go for it.

The idea is to complete an initial pushup test, to see how many you can do in one go, then jump into the six-week program at the place that’s right for you. The site gives several different modification options, including knee pushups (a.k.a. “girlie” pushups, although the website is kind enough not to call them that), knuckle pushups, and even wall pushups. I chose to do my initial test, and my six weeks (or more) of training, by doing girlie pushups on my knuckles.

I did four.

I was never good at pushups, not even in drum corps — I know for a fact that my form was poor and my range of motion was shallow, and even then I could only manage about ten, as I recall. I wouldn’t have survived long in low brass — a 25-pound horn and me just wouldn’t have gotten along.

At any rate, it doesn’t surprise me that I only managed four girlie pushups with good form. The “on the knuckles” thing actually relieved some stress in my wrists, which was nice. (Later that day, Aaron bought a pair of swivelly pushup handles, which are even nicer.)

Tomorrow I do four small sets of pushups as my first official pushup workout, then I’ll be doing four more small sets of pushups before heading off to Thanksgiving on Thursday, and four more sets on Saturday. Slowly but surely.

I enjoy the feeling of empowerment this gives me, with such a minimal time commitment. Plus, knowing that Aaron and I are both doing the program (with him doing more manly pushups than me, of course) will probably make me more likely to stick with it.

One hundred pushups, here I come!

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