Weekend of Techie Goodness

It was Saturday evening, after a scrumptious dinner of Vietnamese deliciousness. We had come home from dinner and Starbucks, and had been snuggling on the couch, having a quiet evening together, talking.

I was looking at the packages under the tree; one smallish box in particular was wrapped in this year’s signature “From Diana To Aaron” wrapping paper. And this present was mocking me. I couldn’t let it sit there for another three weeks. I had to give it to him TONIGHT.

So I did. I gave Aaron his new 8GB iPhone as an early Christmas present — partly because I wanted him to have it sooner rather than later, and partly because it would be wasteful to be paying for this month’s voice and data plans while it was just sitting there under the tree.

He loves the shit out of his new toy, and he’s already texted his BFF several times (OK, guys don’t have BFFs, but you know what I mean). Hell, he even went and signed up on Twitter. He might even get a Facebook account next! Who the hell knows.

I don’t think it lessens his joy one bit that I went out and bought an 8GB iPhone for myself after lunch today, and signed us up for the Family Plan. If anything, shared joy is doubled. Right?

We spent the weekend setting up our new toys, learning how to make ringtones, downloading apps, texting (that was mostly him), using the wifi at Starbucks, and generally making the leap to “real” cellphones from our old prepaid jobbies. We even have camera phones now! Holy shit.

This is going to be fun.