Being Sick Sucks.

I’ve taken the past two days off of work, thanks to being sick to my stomach and generally achy. Could I have done my job feeling like this? Yes, probably, if I had to… but I wouldn’t have been happy about it. This is what sick days are for, after all: recouping, recovering, and not getting everyone else in the office sick. And, although I was sad to miss the annual IS Christmas Luncheon, it’s probably better off that I didn’t go touching the serving utensils and infecting the person behind me with my touch o’ the flu.

I’m feeling better than I was this morning, and about the same as I was this time yesterday. That means that, by the time my friend Dan shows up in about an hour, I should be OK to go to dinner and coffee with him before he crashes on our sofabed for the night.

Hopefully I won’t get him sick. Crossing my fingers.

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