She’s Ready For Her Closeup

Mei closeup

Thanks to the dedicated flash that Aaron bought me for Christmas, I can now take photos of my kitty Mei without weird shadows and otherworldly glowing eyes. I also love the soft catch-light in Mei’s eye, from the bounce-flash off the ceiling.

See Mei larger-than-life on Flickr.

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  1. Wow that’s a great close-up! did you crop it or use a tripod or is your hand that steady?
    I also love the way it fades as it gets farther away. Richard(papaw) was good at that sort of photography:-)

  2. This was handheld, at 1/60 of a second with bounce flash off the ceiling. (ISO 200, f/4, 70mm lens, for anyone else who’s playing at home.)

    I’m a big fan of narrow depth of field, where the background is blurry and only the subject is in focus. It’s my style, but also my crutch; I need to get better at lighting and composition instead of relying on depth of field.

    Ahem. I mean, thank you. 😀