Treating Myself

The last time I got my hair cut was late September, when I got a much shorter ‘do than I’d requested. It took four months for the front of my hair to finally grow out to where I’d wanted it in the first place. Meanwhile, the back was growing out all funky and ragged, and the layers I’d been given were atrocious.

So, this evening I headed out to my long-awaited appointment at Attitudes, per the suggestion of Kris’s girlfriend. I knew going in that my haircut was going to be literally four or five times more expensive than my discount cut, but I was perfectly fine with that.

As Connie had promised, the receptionist asked if I’d like a beverage, and offered to take my coat for me. (Fancy!) Shortly thereafter, I was ushered in by my stylist’s associate (read: understudy). When my stylist Kristie arrived, I explained to her the debacle of my previous haircut, and gave her an idea of what I wanted — basically, to shorten the back and to have the whole style generally cleaned up.

Now, to anyone who regularly goes to a “real” hair salon, the whole salon experience will seem like no big thing. For me, though, what followed was such a 180 from the discount place that I absolutely fell in love. First, I got an awesome shampoo and scalp massage. Incredibly relaxing. It made me realize how much I neglect my scalp when I wash my own hair.

When I came back out for my haircut, Kristie was especially attentive to details — down to checking the hairline at the nape of my neck BEFORE cutting it too close and realizing that I have a bit of a cowlick. She also showed her associate what she was doing and why, which was informative for me, too.

The proof is in the pudding, though. Here we have my before and after shots:



It’s tough to see in the Before photo, but the back of my hair was horribly scraggly and long. Kristie cleaned it up fantastically, and, like I said, with exquisite attention to detail. The final outcome is a little rounder than I’d been thinking originally, but she didn’t steer me wrong. I like it.

If you’re looking for a hair salon in south Toledo, I highly recommend Attitudes. Everyone was very friendly and professional, and I came out with a hairstyle that I absolutely love. (Their shampoo and styling products also made my hair smell fantastic!)

I tipped Kristie 20%. I hope that’s sufficient to express my appreciation.

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  1. I told you that it was an awesome place to have your hair done. I’m glad you had such a positive experience. Were they able to sucker you in to the hair care products as well??? (I have a shelf full)Did you have the dry cut done after the initial cut and blow dry? The style certainly is very flattering to you!

    Any other recommendations I can give you??

  2. I was able to hold the hair care products at bay when she said that one bottle of hair gel was $14.

    She cut the back while it was still damp, then blow-dried, then evened out and texturized the rest.

    As for other recommendations… how about a good dentist? 😀