Self Control

It’s nights like this that prove to me exactly why I’ve been in a plateau for the past three months. This evening, I chose to indulge in an evening of TV, which is extremely rare for me. Unfortunately, my evening of television turned into an evening of I Can’t Stop Eating.

The same thing happens on Friday nights: I sit down to enjoy myself, in whatever solitary pursuit I find myself on a Friday night, and I end up falling face first into a bowl of noodly goodness. Followed by a diet fudge bar, followed by another snack, followed by a frozen meal, followed by me no longer tracking my Points.

On weekends, I assume that I’m OK if Aaron’s OK; he tracks more religiously than I do, especially on weekends. Sometimes I forget that he has many more Points than I do, since he’s male, and has a more active job. Even though he takes his last meal of the day after I’m already in bed, I should still probably say no to that last fudge bar of the day, or be more careful of what I order at Starbucks.

I also can’t remember the last time I exerted myself to the point of sweating. The gym membership we were going to buy ended up bring too long of a commitment, and I never got around to activating my free 30-day membership at Bally’s. Really, though — if I’m not going to exercise at home, what makes me think I’m going to make a special trip to Bally’s in the snow and cold, even if it is less than ten minutes away?

Point being, I need to get back in the game and start giving a shit again. I was so excited when I was consistently losing. Ever since the holidays, I’ve stalled; and the more momentum I lose, the less motivated I am to ramp things up again.

It’s easy to see what needs to be done. The challenge is in actually doing it.

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  1. maybe the “overeating” is why you are having trouble sleeping. I know what you mean tho I could go all day without eating at all, but once I start(especialy at night) I can’t seem to stop. prgresso has some zero point soups that are actualy pretty good.
    and maybe eat things that take longer to eat.