MicroStrategy Roadshow

Early tomorrow — well, early for me, anyway –I’ll be heading out with my supervisor and her supervisor to Cleveland, where we intend to be shocked and awed by the upcoming release of our Business Intelligence software of choice. The plan is for me to leave my house at 6:10am, pick up my supervisor, and head to the office, where we’ll be meeting her supervisor. He will graciously drive us to downtown Cleveland, where the MicroStrategy Roadshow will last all morning.

Expect a multitude of tweets to come through tomorrow, as I publish my opinions to whomever will listen — and, as usual, try not to make an everlasting and well-documented ass of myself on the internet.

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  1. I am sure you will be VERY VERY impressed. I am giving the first half of the product demonstration and it blew me away!
    Cya tomorrow, make sure you come up and introduce yourself!

    btw: cool blog…