Filler Post

As a general rule, I like to post “real” blog posts daily, or at least every weekday, so that the front page of my website doesn’t end up consisting only of my tweets. Usually, even if I don’t have the time or brainpower to tackle one of my many backlogged topics (I do have a list), I can come up with something decent: a photo, or a link, or a YouTube video.

Alas, tonight I have been busy productive on other fronts instead. I edited and posted the Drinking Gourd Podcast (wherein Jay Rinsen Weik discusses the Zen ancestor Shih-T’ou), I made another man-candle for Rob, I backed up my photos from 2008 onto two DVD-Rs, and I finally washed my dirty dishes. Plus, I did some yoga to help stretch out my muscles, which are sore from being too macho while moving furniture yesterday.

It’s going to feel good to check off a few high-priority items from the To Do app on my iPhone (which is how I prioritize these days). Heck, yeah.