Too Many Hobbies

I’m fighting the urge to embark on too many projects at once. This is normal.

Would you believe that I still haven’t finished scrapbooking our honeymoon? From 2003? Or that I have 8mm videocamera footage from back in April 2000 that I never managed to edit together into a final montage? IKEA kitchen accessories purchased a year and a half ago, and never installed? Photos and art moved from our apartment back in 2004 that I still haven’t hung on the walls? Art that I’ve purchased, and photos that I’ve gotten enlarged, and haven’t yet framed?

I’m trying to make a concerted effort to finish these orphaned projects before I start on anything new. I’m also coming to terms with the fact that some things, like my three unfinished novels, may never be done.

I’m on Day Two of a new initiative to prioritize and get things done, and it’s going well. One chunk at a time, and nothing too overwhelming — that’s how everything will get done.

Maybe, someday, my desk will even be clean and organized.


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  1. It’s just one of those bars that you install on the wall and hang shit from. It didn’t come with mounting hardware, and I didn’t know what kinds of screws to buy to anchor it to the studs in the wall.

    Also, I had detected live power with our stud-finder by one of the studs I’d been planning to install the bar into, and that made me a little nervous.

    I have the studs marked out and the holes drawn. If you’d care to come over sometime with four appropriate screws and mount our bar (huh-huh), you’re more than welcome to do so.

  2. Good luck. This is an issue that I battle with all the time. I’ve got a lot of ideas but the focus is sometimes not there. I’ve got something in the basement that the paint needs to be stripped. A couple dozen programming projects that I want to try and put together. I think as I’ve gotten older I have kind of learned how to prioritize things and get them done. There is definitely a technique to it.

  3. maybe reward youself with things you “want” to do after doing things you “should” do. Give you list a little time each day to work on “old” items. You CAN do anything you put you mind to (*_*) just put you mind to it.