July 2008: Politicking in Promenade Park

From the recesses of the inbox:

from: Diana Schnuth
to: Aaron R. Schnuth
date: Tue, Jul 15, 2008 at 1:13 PM
subject: during today’s walk

I’ll probably end up blogging about this later…

I was walking up by Promenade Park when a college kid with a clipboard approached me. I decided to actually let him do his spiel, since he was polite about it. He said that he was collecting signatures to put an issue on the ballot: the government is apparently taxing cash advance companies out of existence, and “we” feel that the issue should be put to the voters, instead of letting the government decide. Since I think cash advance places are a Very Bad Idea, and only make bad finances worse, I politely told him I’d pass, but thanks for approaching me. I love being nice when I reject someone, because they get really confused. This kid was no exception – it took him until I nodded my goodbyes and taken two steps away before he managed a Have A Nice Day. Heh.

Then, past the other side of Promenade Park, there was a college chick with a cooler on a wheeled luggage caddy. She asked if I’d like some free bottled water, and I said yes, and steeled myself for whatever proselytization I’d just agreed to. She just handed me a water and a flyer and bid me good day. The flyer? Was for Cash AdvantEdge, located inside Rent-A-Center on Starr Ave. The bottled water had a custom label, too (which, incidentally, said nothing about the number of fluid ounces in the bottle).

When I took another turn around the park about 20 minutes later, there were a bunch of young people huddled under a tree, comparing notes and packing backpacks. I’m guessing they all came out with their various methods of spreading the word, and spent the lunch hour ensnaring the downtown workers (who, interestingly enough, probably don’t need cash advances).

I just thought that was amusingly transparent, and probably not very effective overall.

Incidentally, that issue was on the ballot for the November election, and I voted against the cash advance places, in favor of more restrictive lending.

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  1. This comment has nothing to do with this post, but I just wanted to agree with an earlier tweet about the Banner “Irish” guy. WORST. ACCENT. EVER. I told someone he sounded like Arnold Schwarzenegger crossed with Ask A Ninja plus a dash of some Middle-Eastern country accent.

    That is all. 🙂