Good Mood

I’ve been in an exceptionally good humour today, and have been trying to pin down why. I suppose it doesn’t really matter, but it kind of does.

Physically, I feel well-rested, despite getting no more than my usual seven-ish hours of sleep. Maybe it had something to do with last night’s workout? This morning’s Skinny Double Mocha helped, too, in more ways than one. I got sufficiently caffeinated, for sure, but I also enjoyed feeling like a part of the group. (Six of us walked over to Biggby’s together and shared buy-one-get-one coupons.)

I’ve also been particularly productive at work lately, and the work I’ve been doing has been helpful to other members of my team. That makes me feel useful and needed, and like I belong. The last time I felt like that was a good two years ago, when I was developing the Loan Corrections database at Sky.

Hopefully, this good mood is sustainable over a few days, and isn’t just a one-shot thing for today. I’ll do what I can to keep it rolling.

Time to head back in to work, though I’d love to stay outside with my favorite tunes and my portable internets and the warm sun and the fresh breeze. Ah, Spring.