Long Weekend Extension

I’m going to go on record here and admit that I have a liberal interpretation of the term “sick day.” If I have a shitty night’s sleep and can barely get my eyes open at 7am, and I have a sick day in my arsenal, I’m most likely going to head downstairs, grab my iPhone, and email my supervisor my regrets.

That’s basically what I did today. I did take note of a mild sore throat, too, but that’s since gone away. Must have been snoring, once I finally got to sleep.

I need to modify this behavior. It’s not good to be using my sick days willy-nilly as soon as I accrue them. I really enjoyed my one week of waking up before my alarm and getting to work early or on time; on the flip side, I hated only having three hours of usable “me time” before bed in the evenings.

I think that this week would be as good a week as any to bump up my bedtime. If I can get to sleep at the right time, waking up at the right time should take care of itself. Computer off by 9:30pm, lights out one hour later. We’ll see how this works.

If nothing else, I need to convince myself not to use my sick days as soon as I get them. I should always, ALWAYS have at least one full sick day to spare, in case I need it.

This all boils down to me growing up and learning to make more mature decisions without arguing with myself and rationalizing what I want to do over what I SHOULD do.

But that’s a post for another day.