Weekly Weight Loss Update

The short version:

Official Weight Watchers weigh-in was 0.4 pounds more than last week. Not surprising, as I had a bit of a snack food binge after dinner last night. Why do I always have a problem with that on Mondays, the night before my weigh-in?

I did write down everything I ate last week, although I didn’t track the Points for all the deliciousness I had over the weekend. Had a bit of a cheat on the Fourth: Myles’ Pizza and ice cream in Bowling Green. We walked nearly eight miles, though, so that kind of balanced things out… almost.

Read on for more details…

[iFitness graph screenshot]

I did scan in the pages of my food journal from last week, as I’d mentioned I might. Accountability and all that. I figure I’ll just get in the habit of this for now, so that when I seriously DON’T know why I’m plateauing, I’ll have a digital record of my analog-recorded food journal.

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Positive areas:
+ Maxxing out fruits and veggies and water intake most days of the week
+ Didn’t stuff myself during my Myles’ Pizza cheat
+ Lots of walking on the Fourth of July!

Problem areas:
+ Evening “snacks” of imitation crab with Miracle Whip Light?
+ Need to track Points values while dining out on weekends.
+ Monday evening pig-out on sweets and not-sweets. Why?

Last week, I told myself I would 1.) allow myself a tracking-free Saturday if I tracked and stayed within my Points allowance every other day of the week; 2.) blog about my fitness and weight loss progress every Tuesday; 3.) earn at least three Activity Points every day; and 4.) drink six glasses of water every day, finishing them off before bed if necessary.

Number one was a bit of a wash, but at least I tracked everything I ate in fairly decent detail, even if I didn’t count Points during the long weekend.

Number two? You’re soaking in it!

I made progress toward number three, even if I didn’t quite make it. According to my pedometer, I walked 20 minutes (aerobic steps only — at least 10 minutes at a stretch, I think it is) on Wednesday and Thursday, 60 minutes on Friday, and 90 minutes on Saturday. It might average out…

I hit number four most days of the week: four out of seven. I always drank a minimum of four glasses of water, though. I learned early on to finish my water long before bedtime, too, as the one day I chugged some water before tucking in made for a memorable (read: frequently-interrupted) night’s sleep.

This week’s focus is a little more basic. 1.) Taking a walk every day most days. 2.) Drinking 6 glasses of water every day. 3.) Being in bed by 10:30pm most days.

If you made it this far through my self-serving weight-loss update, congratulations! Any advice or encouragement you’d care to offer in the comments would be most welcome. Constructive criticism, too, although I’m guessing that a lot of my needed improvement falls into the I-Know-What-To-Do-I-Just-Don’t-Do-It category.

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  1. I, as you well know, am no expert on the subject, but…… is it posable that Monday night is a result of the weekend(back to adkins way of thinking) maybe too many bad carbs on the weekend make you crave them on Monday?