Digital Memories

The last time I put photos into a physical photo album was June 2005, from my step-brother Philip’s high school graduation.

I purchased my Nikon D50 DSLR in December 2005.

Coincidence? Definitely not.

I didn’t completely stop using my film cameras once I bought my DSLR, of course. I still regularly used my Lomo LC-A — and, later, my Olympus XA and Holga and some vintage cameras. So, now I have two photo storage boxes full of photos from Jan 2005 (and two with photos from 1994 through 2004, in addition to multiple photo albums). Since I get my photos developed by online mail-order photofinishing, I get scans of my photos before the prints arrive in the mail, which is helpful for blogging and Flickring, even though they’re not super-high-res.

Now that the majority of my photos are digitized (except the occasional roll from the Holga or another vintage camera), I sometimes forget that my switchover to digital wasn’t so long ago. Our honeymoon photos aren’t digital. Our photos of our apartment in Bowling Green aren’t digital. I did take digital photos when we first moved into our house in Toledo, but with the point-and-shoot we had at the time. Plus, like I mentioned, I have scans saved of all my Lomo and other 35mm photos that I sent to Snapfish or other services.

But there are events I’m remembering that I don’t have digitized, like previous years’ fireworks photos (which sparked the thought in the first place). I’m definitely going to go through and start scanning and posting notable photos from years past — I’ll have to go through my boxes and albums to see what rates being scanned and what can just stay analog.

Stay tuned to my Flickr photostream to see what gems I unearth…